'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 361 to release indefinitely, publication will be on hiatus

(Weekly Shonen Jump)The adventures of Gon will be on a definite hiatus again after the publication of "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 360.

The publication of "Hunter x Hunter" will be on a hiatus again after the release of Chapter 360. Weekly Shonen Jump has yet to announce the break, but insiders have confirmed the news to another publication.

As posted by Buzz Plus News, the date of its return is still indefinite, but there is a possibility that the break will take a long time. Weekly Shonen Jump has not made an official statement yet, but the information will be published on July 4.

The publication said that fans will be disappointed with the news; however, there is nothing they can do as the decision is said to come from the author himself, Yoshihiro Togashi. Togashi is known for his work's long hiatuses. In 2014, "Hunter x Hunter" was also on a hiatus and was back just this Apr. 18.

While many would hope that the break will not take so long, Togashi's health condition could be what is keeping the author from finishing his work. The same publication has reported on Togashi's condition earlier this year.

Upon the manga's resumption in April, it was reported that Togashi was bedridden, which caused the two-year hiatus. He is said to complain of severe pain in the hips going down and sitting down to continue writing the series could be bad for him.

Meanwhile, the last episode to be published would be chapter 360, which is titled "Parasite." In the chapter, Kurapika will test the loyalty of the guards to Prince Woble. In the process, Kurapika and Queen Oito will find out that none of them are.

Kurapika will continue to interrogate the guards and he will be told that they fear the Nen Beast he told them about in the previous chapters. They will encounter a Nen Beast and find out that they are not as harmful as they are thought to be.

The events are said to trigger the start of the Royal Succession War.

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