Indonesia Quake 2012: Lutheran Disaster Center in Good Shape After Tsunami Scare

Disaster and development staff from an ELCA-funded center in Indonesia's western islands are in good condition and their buildings received no damage on Wednesday after two major ocean-floor earthquakes triggered tsunami warnings, the Church reported.

"We have made contacts with the team in Nias and Mentawai this morning, and they confirmed that all were in good condition," said Sherry Panggabean, with the Center for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies in a report released Thursday.

"Praise the Lord for there was no major disaster occurred yesterday after the powerful earthquakes that struck the Western Coast of Sumatra," Panggabean wrote.

The 8.2 and 8.6 magnitude quakes included more than a dozen aftershocks of smaller magnitudes.

No destruction has been reported after the quakes, but a tsunami warning was issued after each temblor, which were then lifted.

Panggbean said all the Mentawai team moved back all the office equipment they took out Wednesday due to the tsunami warning, and added that all activities in both locations had resumed normally as of Thursday morning.

Several church partners reported some panicking after the first quake. Another partner reported an electricity outage that has now been restored.

She said the team has not been approached for assistance so far.

The Center for Disaster Risk Management and Community Development Studies, which is based in Nommensen University, is part of a multi-year ELCA collaboration with the school, and several other Lutheran entities.

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