Insurance company threatens to void policy over religious sticker

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An insurance company has warned Rev. Wena Parry, a Christian minister from Cymmer in the Welsh county of Neath Port Talbot that her car insurance policy may be declared void due to the religious stickers attached to her vehicle.

The 75-year-old minister had put up two stickers with the messages "Christ Must Be Saviour" and "Christ For Me" on the sides of her car.

Her insurance company, Age UK Insurance, first noticed the stickers when she filed a claim on her existing insurance policy following the theft of a car part.

Age UK subsequently sent her a letter explaining, "These modifications do not fit our acceptance criteria for motor insurance and cover would have been declined if we had been made aware of these at the time of purchasing your policy."

Parry was then given 10 days to respond to avoid a potential voiding of her policy.

In a BBC News article,  Parry shared her motivation for putting up the sign on her car.

"Every opportunity I have I want to tell people about Jesus. I reckon there must at least a million people who have read the texts on my car," she said.

She speculated that there may be someone associated with the company that is against Christianity in some form or another.

Age UK Insurance has responded to the allegations stating, "The situation regarding Reverend Parry's claim was in no way related to the Christian nature of her graphics."

An internal investigation by their insurers, Ageas Insurance Limited, discovered that the specific wording on their insurance policies pertaining to the declaration of modifications made to a vehicle were ambiguous.

The company has vowed to review the current wording in their contracts to make sure they are clearer in the future.

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