iOS 10.2 jailbreak news, Pangu updates: Yalu update not suited for iPhone 7

(Apple)The Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak update will not be compatible with the iPhone 7.

iOS jailbreakers have been working around the clock to ensure that they deliver the best possible jailbreak tool for Apple's operating system. And according to a new update, the jailbreak for iOS 10.2 is coming, but it will not be compatible with Apple's most recent flagship smartphone, the iPhone 7.

Prominent jailbreaker Luca Todesco released his Yalu iOS 10 jailbreak tool for iOS 10.1.1 in December. At the time, he had only released a semi-untethered beta, which means a lot of issues still needed to be fixed. It also meant that iPhone users had to perform the jailbreak process over and over again everytime they reboot their devices.

Now, a Yalu iOS 10 update will soon arrive, and this time it will be for the iOS 10.2. And while a lot of iPhone users itching for a 10.2 jailbreak will be delighted by the news, iPhone 7 users will not like it so much. Todesco took to his Twitter account to reveal the update's details as well as limitations.

Jailbreaking has long been a practice in the iPhone community, especially given Apple's rather strict policies. For those who are on the iPhone 7, it is advised that they stick to the iOS 10.1.1 if they want to keep their devices jailbroken. Do not upgrade to the iOS 10.2.

Apple has already released the iOS 10.2.1 beta for developers, which means it won't take long before it rolls around to public officially. Given this, iPhone users who want to remain jailbroken should avoid updating their operating systems. An iOS 10.3 is also currently in the works.

The Cupertino-based tech company is working continuously to keep the updates flowing in order to avoid this exact jailbreaking pattern. Pangu recently stopped with the iOS 9.3.3, and it looks like the infamous Chinese jailbreaker has gotten stuck. As of now, Pangu has yet to release any updates on the iOS 10.

Todesco did not reveal whether the iPhone 7 will ever get the iOS 10.2 jailbreak. Watch out for the latest news and updates.

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