iPhone 8 release date, specs rumors: Facial recognition feature, curved screen

(Apple)Apple's iPhone 7, which will soon be replaced by the iPhone 8

More rumors about the 8th-generation iPhone have been going around, while Apple continues its silence about its highly anticipated smartphone device.

Accordint to reports, one of the latest speculations about the rumored iPhone 8 came from a leaked patent application from the Cupertino tech giant, where the use of facial recognition for locking and unlocking a handheld device has been reported.

According to sources, the main idea presented in the patent application reveals that an iPhone will use its front-facing camera to recognize and detect the face of its owner. It can reportedly unlock the device if it determines that the face belongs to the authorized user of the smartphone.

The patent application also mentions that during the time when the device is locked, a portion of the display could showcase a feed that was taken by its camera. Then it could focus on a portion of the picture where the face of the user should be recognized to be able to activate the detection.

If this feature will make its way to the rumored iPhone 8, the difficulties of the multistep process of unlocking and locking the device will be lessened.

Meanwhile, other reports claim that the rumored 5.8-inch iPhone 8 will feature a "gentler" curved OLED screen display.

According to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, the curved screen of Apple's upcoming smartphone product will be "gentler" compared to the curved screen of its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The report also claims that aside from the curved OLED display model of the iPhone 8, Apple will also release two flat-screened variants of the upcoming smartphone model, including the 5.5-inch model, as well as the smaller 4.7-inch variant.

While Apple has yet to reveal the price range of the upcoming iPhone 8 models, other reports claim that it can reach as high as $1,000 upon release.

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