'Jane the Virgin' season 2 spoilers: Jane and Rafael make a formal custody agreement in episode 19

(Jane the virgin / Facebook)'Jane the Virgin' season 2

Jane and Rafael have to come up with a custody agreement for their son Mateo in the upcoming episode 19, titled "Chapter Forty-One," of the second season of the satirical romcom drama "Jane the Virgin."

Jane decides to take additional shifts at Rafael's resort, the Marabella, to earn more money. However, it takes so much of her time that it cuts what is intended for Mateo. Jane and Rafael realize that they have to make a formal custody agreement. So they enlist the help of a mediator to help make it more amicable.

Xo, on the other hand, scores a small acting role in Rogelio's telenovela. Her performance will surprise both of them. Michael will be interrogated by his boss after a newspaper released a story about him and Sin Rostro. Meanwhile, a disappointed Petra confronts Rafael after she discovers that their twin's trust fund is not the same as Jane's arrangement.

In the promo trailer for the upcoming episode, Jane approves of her mother's plan to audition in Rogelio's telenovela. Xo asks Rogelio not to give her a special treatment. The director of the telenovela asks Rogelio about Xo's acting experience, and it is revealed that she has none. However, when Xo tapes a scene with Rogelio, she keeps making a mistake.

In other related news, Yael Grobglas shares her character Petra's new friendship with Jane. Grobglas told the Hollywood Reporter, "I think from the start, Petra had a lot of respect for Jane, and that's something that never wavered. There might be competitiveness or she might be furious at Jane from the start for getting impregnated with her husband's sperm, and everything that happened."

She also added that Petra knows that Jane is strong and smart. Even though Petra is sometimes angry at Jane, at the end of the day, she can still trust her.

"Jane the Virgin" season 2 airs every Monday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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