'Jane the Virgin' season 2 premiere episode will have appearance by Justin Baldoni's wife and son

(Justin Baldoni's Twitter (@justinbaldoni))"Jane the Virgin" actor Justin Baldoni says he's "keeping it in the family" for season two

"Jane the Virgin" has often been commended for its family-friendly themes and values-filled episodes and it seems that its new season is set to keep that tradition as the first episode alone is keeping it all in the family.

"Jane the Virgin" star, Justin Baldoni, who plays one of Jane Villanueva's (Gina Rodriguez) love interests, Rafael Solano, teased fans about two special guests for season two's first episode. Via Twitter, he announced, "#janethevirgin spoiler alert!! We have two VERY special guests in the 1st episode of #season2 #keepingitinthefamily." The caption was accompanied by a picture of him carrying his 2-month old daughter, Maiya Grace. Behind him is his wife, Swedish actress, Emily.

The caption and photo definitely mean that Baldoni's family will be making an appearance in the new season. However, Emily and young Maiya Grace's roles in the episode have yet to be revealed. Regardless of what their roles are going to be, fans are surely excited about them making a guest appearance.

Baldoni's tweet had been favorited 372 times as of press time and retweeted 101 times. Comments were mostly about how "cute" the 31-year old's family is and how "adorable" that they will all be appearing in one show. Most of them also mentioned that they "can't wait to see" the three interacting on screen.

"Jane the Virgin" ended season one with a huge cliffhanger. Jane has just given birth to a lovely son, whom she named Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva. Mateo was sneakily taken away from her by a nurse and given to Sin Rostro (supposedly still played by Bridget Regan) at the end of the episode. Exactly where Rose is taking the baby will be answered in season two. Also to be answered in the upcoming season is the question of who Jane will choose between Rafael and Michael (Brett Dier).

However, the season will not just be about Jane. Her mother, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) will still have to come to terms about their drunken marriage. Plus, there will be two new marriages — one of which is Jane's — in season two, as teased by executive producer, Jennie Urman.

"Jane the Virgin" returns this Oct. 12 on The CW.

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