'Jurassic World' sequel news and rumors: Part 2 may push new boundaries with dinosaur-human hybrid

Jurassic World

"Jurassic World" came out less than a month ago and people are already talking about a supposed sequel of the movie. It really comes to no surprise considering the movie is an undeniable box office success—earning 500 million in its first weekend and $1 billion in 13 days.

Because of the turn out, it would be a shock if the production of a "Jurassic World" sequel would take another 14 years. Thankfully it was reported that a part two is already in the works and fans are intrigued to know what is next for Owen and his raptor squad.

"Jurassic World" ended with the island destroyed by the genetically modified dinosaur, the Inodminus rex. With the island gone, the setting and plot of the sequel are up in the air. There are several rumors that have recently surfaced and to say that they are interesting is definitely an understatement.

One such rumor claims that the upcoming film would not revolve around the concept of a theme park. Instead, the dinosaurs would no longer be isolated in a far-off island but would be joining human civilization.

Others speculate that "Jurassic World" part two would see a hybrid between humans and dinosaurs. In the first movie, Dr. Henry Wu the geneticist who is behind the revival of the extinct dinosaurs and the creator of the Indominus rex escaped from the island carrying all the DNA sample from his lab. Because Wu is basically a mad scientist, it is not far off that the doctor has gone off creating an abomination of sorts.

These speculations remain unconfirmed for now. There also has not been any news regarding when the movie would premiere but considering that the film has yet to start production, it might be a bit of a wait till fans hear of any information about "Jurassic World" part 2.

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