Katy Perry, Ryan Phillippe dating? 'Teenage Dream' singer answers rumors

(Reuters/Yuri Gripas)Katy Perry performing at a concert at the White House

Rumors are making rounds that Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe are dating. To end the speculations, Perry and Phillippe have addressed the issue, with the latter having an interesting response.

The rumors started when Perry and the "I Know What You Did Last Summer" star were spotted at Elton John's birthday party last month. Reports suggest that the two were getting cozy at the party.

According to a source who supposedly saw Perry and Phillippe first hand, the actor was being a bit touchy as the "Teenage Dream" singer giggled. Phillippe and Perry's table were apart during the party, but Phillippe allegedly approached the singer's table. Rumors say that he even sat down beside Perry. Speculations over the two then flocked the internet.

Just recently, Phillippe finally commented about the issue on his Twitter account. In his post, he denied the rumors. He reiterated that he is "not dating" Perry, and added that he does not know the singer that much. He jokingly asked the media to "stop flying helicopters" over his house as Perry is not with him.

Apparently, the tweet reached Perry, who came up with an even more epic response. On Monday, she quoted Phillippe's tweet and she jokingly asked him to let her out of the basement.

It seems the "Shooter" actor got the joke. He then replied, "Never." Perry ended the exchange by apologizing to him for getting caught up in the rumor.

The rumors are probably not true. Yet, Perry and Phillippe played it well. It also appears that the two are getting along well. Maybe there is a hope for romance?

Besides, Perry and Phillippe are both single. Phillippe ended his five-year relationship with former fiancée, Paulina Slagter last year. While Perry, on the other hand, parted ways with Orlando Bloom last month.

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