'Lego Worlds' release date, news and updates: Minecraft-like game will launch on consoles, PC early next year

(Lego Worlds official website)Inset is a screenshot from the official announcement video of "Lego Worlds" launch on consoles and PC. The game will be launched on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in February 2017.

The developers of "Lego Worlds" will finally launch the Minecraft-like game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC next year.

Just this week, the "Lego Worlds" team, mainly composed of publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and developer Traveller's Tales, announced on a Steam Community page that the Lego-themed sandbox game will leave Steam Early Access.

The "Lego Worlds" team announced, "As you may now be seeing from the news spreading around, LEGO® Worlds is leaving Early Access in February next year and coming to console as well."

The sandbox video game allows players to create a world made of Lego blocks. The video game is also well-known for having a lot of customization options for players. The world can be created with pre-designed Lego blocks but players also have the liberty of customizing these worlds based on their liking and building requirements.

Not only are the Lego worlds customizable but so are the players' appearances and costumes. Players can also alter the terrain and environment with the use of a landscaping tool available in the game.

The "Lego Worlds" team also thanked their avid players for supporting the game since it was launched on Steam Early Access in June 2015. In their Steam Community announcement, the game's developer and publisher said: "We wanted to share our thanks to you all for helping us during our first ever attempt at not only Early Access, but at doing something that is outside the realms of our normal game design. It has been a project that our team has been excited about since Day 1, and we remain committed to ensuring it's the best it can be."

There are surprises that await Early Access players on Launch day as well, the announcement teased

However, the announcement lacks other details such as the game's final price and whether or not Early Access players can port their achievements and created worlds to their console or PC.

The game will be released on Feb. 21, 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.  

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