LG Watch Sport versus LG Watch Style comparison: Different models for different needs

LG's two new line of smartwatches officially came out after the release of Android Wear 2.0, offering distinct specs that will cater to the needs of different users.

The first new variant of LG smartwatch is called the LG Watch Style, which is made with the fashionable crowd in mind. On the other hand, the second line of wearable device is known as the LG Watch Sport, which offers useful features for those who are living an active lifestyle.

(lg.com)One of LG's latest wearable device variant, the LG Watch Style

There are a lot of obvious differences in the design of the two new LG wearable products. As the name suggests, the LG Watch Style looks thinner and more chic among the two. It measures 42.3 x 45.7 x 10.79 mm with an Italian leather strap that can be interchanged for a different design. The device also has a stainless steel casing that comes with silver, rose gold, and titanium colors.

(lg.com)The bigger and more rugged wearable device from LG called the LG Watch Sport

On the other hand, the LG Watch Sport is known as the chunkier model. It measures 45.4 x 51.21 x 14.2 mm in size that has a fixed rubberized strap. It also comes with a stainless steel casing in blue and titanium colors. Compared to the LG Watch Style, the watch face of LG Watch Sport has IP68 water protection.

In terms of features, the LG Watch Style has a smaller display, which measures 1.2 inches complete with 360 x 360 resolution with a pixel density of 299ppi. The LG Watch Sport comes with a larger display among the two, since it has 1.38-inch watch face with 480 x 480 pixel resolution and a pixel density of 348ppi. Its rubberized strap comes with a built-in LTE connectivity, as well as NFC and GPS.

The LG Watch Sport also comes with a heart rate monitor with Google Fit features, while the LG Watch Style can be considered as a standard smartwatch.

The battery life of the LG Watch Style is also smaller compared to the LG Watch Sport, since it only has an embedded 240 mAh battery, while the latter is powered by an embedded 430 mAh battery. While both run using the Android Wear 2.0 operating system and Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, the LG Wear Style has a smaller RAM of 512 MB compared to LG Watch Sport's 768 MB.

According to 9to5Google, the LG Watch Style variant worth $250 lives up to its name of being a stylish wearable device, with not much feature to boot. On the other hand, the LG Watch Sport can be purchased for $350, but it is packed with more functional features for those who have bigger needs.

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