'Longmire' season 4 news: Production under way, series to pick up from events in the previous finale

Numerous TV shows get the axe every year. Some really deserve it while some shows like "Constantine," "Wonderfalls," "Pushing Daisies" and "Longmire" do not. So it was a miracle when the crime drama "Longmire" was plucked from oblivion by Netflix.

The streaming service has ordered a fourth season of the show which will be aired sometime in 2015. According to Netflix, they were intrigued when Warner Horizon Television pitched the idea of a fourth season of "Longmire" to them "because the series is so unique, and consistently great."

"We are thrilled to help continue Walt Longmire's story for his large and passionate following," read the statement.

That certainly is good news for followers of the show who have been waiting for a long time to know what happened, especially after the cliffhanger ending of the third season.

Reports have stated that production for the fourth season's 10 episodes is already in full swing, with episodes one to three already done. The show is being filmed in New Mexico and will pick up immediately after the events of season three.

Longmire's cast have also been making their presence felt on Twitter and giving fans updates about the show. Katee Sackhoff, who portrays Vic Moretti, posted a photo in April that shows the Sheriff and the American flag highlighted by the sun in the background.

Alicia Urizer tweeted earlier this month the message "#Longmire cast & crew – You're amazing! Back at it next week!"

The original cast has been confirmed to return, plus two new faces will be introduced. Ally Walker, who is known for her run in "Sons of Anarchy," will be joining "Longmire," along with Terry Camilieri. 

"Longmire" follows Sheriff Walt Longmire of the fictional Absaroka County as he is preparing for re-election. The long-time lawman is also struggling with his wife's murder and the crimes in his area.

There is no definite date on when "Longmire" will be back on air. There are reports that it will be back by fall while some say it is targeted to be released this winter. The only thing that Netflix is definite on is that it will be back in 2015.  

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