'Longmire' season 5 release date, plot spoilers: Netflix series to air in September? Walt and Vic relationship happening?

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It's great news for fans of "Longmire" ever since Netflix announced its return for season 5. However, fans are still waiting for an official announcement regarding the series' exact release date.

At this point, fans will have to extend their patience since Netflix or the production has not given a specific date. But one of its cast members has teased about the development of the crime drama series.

Actor Lou Diamond Phillips revealed on Twitter that the show will start filming next week. With a clear date for the start of production of the series, it is speculated that season 5 will be streamed in September. The previous season premiered September 2015 so it's likely that new episodes from the brand new season will also be dropped on that same month.

So far, Netflix or the production has not shared even the slightest details about what's to come in season 5. The last time fans saw "Longmire," Walt (Robert Taylor) was sharing a special moment with his lady love, Dr. Donna Monaghan (Ally Walker). However, it is expected that their moment will be cut short since an unidentified intruder somehow broke into Walt's home.

The first episode of the new season is expected to immediately pick up where it left off. This could mean that Walt will come face to face with his intruder or might even tackle him. Some reports suggested that Dr. Monaghan could be involved in the break-in and she might be associated with the suspect. Whoever this suspect is will be a big reveal in season 5.

(Facebook/LongmireTV)Photo posted by Longmire offical Facebook account with caption, "What does the future hold for Walt and Vic?"

While Walt and Dr. Monaghan may have shared something special, some reports speculate that Walt will eventually end up with Vic (Katee Sackhoff). The show's official Facebook page shared a photo of the two characters with a caption that says, "What does the future hold for Walt and Vic?" This hinted the possibility that the two might have a relationship in the future.

More updates about "Longmire" are expected to pop up soon.


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