Lutheran Pastor: Same-sex Attractions Needn't Be Acted Upon

A Minneapolis Lutheran pastor who struggles with same-sex attractions but preaches against homosexuality says that he doesn't consider himself gay because he never gave into his impulses.

"You can have this struggle with same-sex attraction, say no to it, and still follow Christ," the Rev. Tom Brock of Hope Lutheran Church told the Associated Press in an interview on Tuesday.

Brock's same-sex urges were exposed in June by Minnesota gay magazine Lavender which infiltrated a support group that he was attending. Brock was placed on leave following the report but told AP that he will continue to preach at Hope Lutheran although not as the church's senior pastor.

Brock has been a notable opponent of allowing homosexual clergy in the church and was especially vocal against the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America's (ELCA) 2009 decision to allow gay ministers to serve.

Hope Lutheran left the ELCA in 2001 and is currently a part of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations.

Brock further stated that he doesn't believe people are born gay, and that even if science should prove otherwise, he will still believe that those who engage in homosexual acts will go to hell.

"My message doesn't change at all. I still think homosexual behavior is a sin," he said. "Because I struggle with it doesn't make it right."

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