Macbook Pro 2015 release date leaked online: launch due September 2015


With Apple's next product event, "Spring Forward" to be held in San Francisco on March 9 drawing closer, leaks of the release date of Macbook Pro 2015 have surfaced online. At its March 9 product event, Apple is most likely to focus on the Apple Watch, though the company could unveil other products as well, including the Retina MacBook Pro, the new 2015 version of the MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro 2015 release date has now been leaked online and it is believed that Apple will make it available on September 2015. According to TechAndPrince, Apple has set September 2015 as the release date for the MacBook Pro 2015 and will officially announce it at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference to be held by the company in San Francisco.

Details of the possible specs and features of the MacBook Pro 2015 have also surfaced online. Media reports suggest that Apple will focus less on ultra-portability for the MacBook Pro 2015 and make it more beefy inside.

The MacBook Pro 2015 will be more or less similar to its predecessor, but is expected to feature Touch ID and Ultra HD Retina Display. The MacBook Pro 2015 is likely to be available in both 13-inch and 15-inch models with a standard 8/16 GB at a price of $1299 and $1999, respectively.

According to media reports, the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2015 will be powered by an Intel Iris graphics card, while the 15-inch model will run on the Intel Iris Pro graphics card along with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M to extend its battery life.

We'll be keeping an eye on Apple's Spring Forward event next week for all the developments. So stay tuned for the latest news on Apple's Macbook Pro 2015.


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