MacBook Pro 2016 release date anytime soon as MacBook Pro gets price discount

(Apple)Inset is a photo of the 2015 MacBook Pro. Reports suggest that the 2016 MacBook Pro will have the new macOS Sierra.

California-based Apple, as of late, has been giving away big-time price drops on its current version of the Apple MacBook Pro, while some tech stores are already withdrawing other models of the MacBook from their outlets, which gave consumers the impression that the next generation of MacBook Pros will arrive anytime soon.

There are reports that some stores are now selling the smallest MacBook Pro with a price cut as big as $300. Meanwhile, the two larger versions of the 2015 MacBook can now be bought with a $200 price slash.

Furthermore, an Apple branch in Texas was reported to be withdrawing its non-retina MacBook Pro from its shelves since the said model will soon be considered obsolete. This move by that store was done almost two weeks ago and the same trend seems to be followed by other Apple stores across the country.

With these changes mentioned, consumers are now expecting that the Apple MacBook Pro will be hitting the shelves later this year.

However, there's no concrete information yet as to what will be the new specifications and additional features that the 2016 MacBook will have, but according to some reports, the 2016 MacBook Pro will now showcase an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) touchpad, which Apple fans have been suggesting. The forthcoming laptop might also come with some sort of a Touch ID sensor for added security. Other features might include the Speech Interpretation and Recognition Interface (SIRI), which is the intelligent personal assistant from iPhone.

Moreover, the yet-to-be unveiled MacBook Pro will now be powered with Apple's 13th operating system known as the macOS Sierra (version 10.12), which consumers expect to have better features.

The upcoming OS from Apple was unveiled at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and it's beta version will be available next month. The full version, however, will be released later this year.

Reports also suggest that the forthcoming Apple MacBook Pro will be out later this year.

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