Major Lazer & Showtek's 'Believer' music video lights hope for Syrian refugees

(YouTube/ majorlazer)Major Lazer and Showtek's latest video for "Believer" depicts a Syrian boy trapped under the rubbles of a collapsed building due to war.

It is said that music is a universal language, and Major Lazer, together with Showtek, proved just how powerful it is with the music video for the electronic/dance song "Believer."

In the recently released video, a Syrian boy is seen trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building. He goes into a dream-like sequence where a video montage of his happy memories with his family and childhood is seen. He gets chased around by a black-clad being, and is eventually rescued at the end of the video.

The message is so powerful and very timely, considering the recent occurrences in Aleppo, Syria. The ones that are made to suffer the most as a result of war and terrorism are the little children, and more often than not they are made to pay for the mistakes of those who should be wiser than them. Such is depicted on the video, yet shows there is still hope at the end of it all.

The song used to have an original title of "I'm a Believer" in April 2016. It wasn't until Sept. 30 when it was made available via digital download on iTunes that the song title was reduced to simply "Believer."

The lyrics of the song are themed around survival and rising against all odds, and so even the song alone is powerful enough to stir emotions. Coupled with a moving depiction of current struggles seen in mankind, it is an electronic dance music that is sure to be remembered as a call to humanity rather than a simple sick beat.

Major Lazer is an American electronic music trio that comprises record producers Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire. The song "Believer" is going to be part of the upcoming album "Music Is the Weapon," and is expected to be released January 2017.

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