'Married at First Sight' season 3 episode 6 spoilers: Couples' journey continues as they try to settle in their first home

(FYI/Official Facebook Page)

"Married at First Sight" will introduce another important milestone for its three couples – setting up their marital home. The upcoming episode titled "Moving In" will chronicle the couples experiences as they try to decide where they will live.

While the three couples had a rocky start to their relationships, they all promised to become friends with each other during the honeymoon episodes.

David and Ashley promised to open up to each other more in order to overcome Ashley's intimacy issues. Vanessa tried to overcome her concerns so that she could move forward in her marriage to Tres. Meanwhile, Sam and Neil struggled to communicate with each other and have been fighting a lot. So far, none of the couples have become romantic with each other.

According to the teaser for the upcoming episode, David and Ashley's relationship will be tested when Ashley fails to be impressed by David's apartment. When David asks for her opinion, Ashley decides to keep silent. Will David and Ashley find a home that they both like?

The relationship between Tres and Vanessa seems to be improving as well. In a teaser image, the two are seen sharing a kiss. It seems that Vanessa is quickly getting over her fears and it is possible that the two are finally falling for each other.

Meanwhile, Sam and Neil have not been getting along. Sam finds Neil's passive personality unattractive and Neil is upset over Sam's harsh words. In the last episode, Sam is seen walking away from Neil. Is there hope for Sam and Neil?

Based on another teaser image, it seems that viewers shouldn't give up on this couple just yet. Despite their fights, it seems that Sam and Neil are still making progress, albeit slower compared to the two other couples.

Sam and Neil are seen taking a selfie after spending time together in the mountains. After spending more time together, it seems that they will be able to get along with each other more. Hopefully, the couple will find a way to resolve their communication issues.

Season 3 of "Married at First Sight" airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET of FYI.

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