Michael Schumacher coma update: Awake and undergoing rehabilitation; medical records stolen

(Credit: WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)Michael Schumacher during the British Grand Prix in 2006.

The latest Michael Schumacher coma update is the doctor's statement that the 7-time Formula 1 world champion will likely stay permanently invalid.

From a Grenoble university hospital in France, the F1 driver was brought to Lausanne last Monday to a rehab clinic.

In a skiing spree on December 29, 2013, in the French Alps, Schumacher fell badly and ended up with critical brain injuries. Afterwards, the former race driver was in a medically-induced coma.

Sabine Kehm, Schumacher's manager stated he will undertake rehabilitation and such will be a long process.

Schumacher is not in a state of artificial coma anymore. However, his road of recovery will be quite bumpy, according to one who deals with coma patients, Dr. Erich Reiderer.

Dr. Reiderer said Schumacher may become dependent on others' help, and learning to say words and complete sentences may be difficult for him.

If the patient manages to sit without help in three months, it will be a success. In six months, if he can handle a wheelchair, it will be encouraging.

For a patient having been in coma for six months, and then waking up, taking it slow is of big importance for Schumacher and his family.

Since his coma, there has been less information about the iconic driver.

Last April, it was said the patient showed consciousness and was awakening. Being out of coma for rehabilitation this time is quite substantial.

The patient's family wants to thank the doctors, therapists and nurses who have provided excellent care for Schumacher; as well as those who sent him good wishes.

They said Schumacher's recovery may keep him away from public eye for the forseeable future, and that they seek for understanding.

Meanwhile, it was reported Schumacher's medical records were stolen and that police officers are on the web to check on the first suspect, an internet phantom that goes by the name of Kagemusha.

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