Michael Schumacher health update: Champion driver recognizes wife and able to sit up in wheelchair

(Credit: REUTERS/FILE)Michael Schumacher with his wife Corinna at the 2006 FIA Awards in Monaco.

Former Mercedes driver and ace Formula One champion, Michael Schumacher, is showing gradual signs of recovery. Several reports surfaced online that the champion driver can convey emotions through his eyes and has been reported to cry and make noises when he sees his wife, Corrina and children, Gina Marie and Mick Jr.

Editor-in-chief of Motorsport, Albert Sabbatini, confirms that Schumacher is recovering albeit slowly, in a recent report. Sabbatini reports that he is undergoing extensive physical therapy in his home in Lake Geneva which has been converted into a rehabilitation center for the former Mercedes driver. When not in physical therapy, Schumacher sits in a wheelchair in front of the window of his villa and is able to look out. Physical therapy and sitting in a wheelchair will prevent muscle atrophy and was advised by the doctor. Sabbatini states that his information on Schumacher is reliable and comes from a source who has seen the 46-year-old world-class driver.

Fans of Schumacher will be relieved to know that he is not stuck in bed and is showing signs of neurological recovery by expressing emotions and recognizing his family. While he is still unable to speak and cannot perform movements independently, he still reacts to external stimuli which is a positive signs. Sabbatini reports that while he has a long way to go, he is alive and can convey emotions even if "he is the prisoner of an immobile body".

Reports by CrossMap confirm his gradual recovery as Schumacher's manager, Sabine Kehm, F1 physician, Gerard Salliant and even International Automobile Federation head, Jean Todt previously assured fans he was improving.

Seven time F1 champion Michael Schumacher acquired severe head injuries while skiing on the French Alps in December 2013. Although he was wearing a helmet, the champion suffered head trauma and had to be induced in a medical coma. In June 2014 he awoke from his comatose state and was later moved to his home in Lake Geneva. Once again Schumacher has proved to fans that he indeed is a born fighter.

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