Microsoft Surface Book 2 updates: Major spec change expected; release date nears

(Reuters/Mike Segar)Microsoft is expected to launch the Surface Book 2 in 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 might do away with the brand's signature 2-in-1 composition — making the gadget a standalone laptop.

Reports state that this move is to reduce the conflict between the ergonomic features of the Surface Book and the Surface Pro models. It should be noted that Surface Pro units are not naturally suitable for use on the user's lap.

However, the second unit of the Surface Book series will include highlighted features from its predecessor, such as the 13.5-inch screen that will allow for large and high-definition media display, and the magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis that will make the entire laptop more resilient than ever.

The difference might lie in the pricing of the product. Despite continuing the excellent quality of its pioneering counterpart, the Surface Book 2 will be available in the market for as low as $1,000. This is an improvement as compared to the Surface Book's cheapest variant amounting to $1,299.

This lowered price might be a reason for the supply chains connected to Microsoft to predict a monthly increase in shipment after its launch.

Microsoft is expected to announce the product in April this year — just in time for the release of Apple's new iPad brands at the Apple Campus inauguration event.

The pioneer product of the Surface Book line was launched in October 2015. In its first attempt to enter the hardware market, Microsoft received praises from the tech community with the laptop's impressive hardware components and style.

However, the price of the initial surface book made the product less appreciable. The price range goes up to $2,699.

The Laptop employing an Intel Core i5 processor boasts of a base clock speed of 3 GHz and an 8 GB RAM. It was soon followed in the market the following year by the Surface Book i7, with a much-improved clock speed and memory.

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