'Mr. Robot' season 3 spoilers: Joanna to help Tyrell clear his name

(Facebook/WhoIsMrRobot)Joanna is unstoppable in the next season of "Mr. Robot."

Joanna's (Stephanie Corneliussen) first mission in the upcoming season of "Mr. Robot" is to clear her husband's name of all criminal charges. Will Tyrell (Martin Wallstrom) play it cool and let his estranged wife have her way?

As per Game N Guide, there is no way Joanna will stay in the sidelines while Tyrell is being hounded by the police. His is one of the names in the authorities' list of suspects in the 5/9 attack. Tyrell has yet to surface in public, discounting his encounter with Elliot (Rami Malek) during the last finale. Contrary to what the viewers were expecting, he was not a figment of the hacker's hallucination. Tyrell was alive and he brought Elliot to the Dark Army's headquarters to inform him that phase two of their plan against E Corp was ongoing.

When Elliot told Tyrell he never wanted to be part of it, the latter got a gun and shot the hacker in the chest. Based on his behavior, Tyrell has not forgiven his old employer for not giving him the promotion he thought he deserved. It remains unclear if Joanna knows that her husband is alive. She never told Elliot about anything when they were together.

In a podcast, Corneliussen said that what her character wants to do in season 3 is to be reunited with Tyrell. Joanna has remained loyal to her husband even though he left her without a word. Corneliussen hinted that viewers would see more of Joanna's deviousness in the new season.

"Finding out she has this master plan really going back to what we saw in S1—she's a master; an incredible manipulator. ... There was a lot of Joanna's story involving this new boyfriend. ... I couldn't see her fall in love with some bartender. I was physically upset, tears in my eyes. I told Sam, 'You have to explain this to me because this is not Joanna.' He said don't worry, there's a plan. So I was happy that everyone eventually knew he was just a pawn in her game," the actress shared in an interview with "Decrypted," Ars Technica's Mr. Robot podcast

"Mr. Robot" is expected to return on USA Network in 2017.

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