'Narcos' season 3 air date, news, updates: what to expect from new characters

(Facebook/NarcosNetflix)'Narcos' season 3 will feature new faces following the death of Pablo

Production for the third season of "Narcos" is well underway, and to help cope with the loss of the great Pablo Escobar, the series has added a bunch of new faces. These new characters are expected to add more color to the hit series.

Due to the interesting storylines that captured the hearts of viewers over the past two seasons, Netflix has given the show a third shot. It is expected that despite Pablo's (Wagner Moura) tragic death, the new characters in "Narcos" season 3 will each have major roles that will help keep fans interested in the series.

Andrea Londo has been tapped to play the role of Maria, a former Colombian beauty queen. Not much is known about her roots but she is described as a young but cunning survivor. How will she affect the rise of the Cali Cartel in the upcoming installment?

Nicholas Gonzalez has also been added to the "Narcos" season 3 roster. He will be portraying DEA agent Lopez. Since Boyd Holbrook has not been confirmed to reprise his role, it is believed that Lopez will fill in the gap left by Holbrook's agent Murphy.

Lopez is further speculated to be of great help to Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal), who will continue to fight against the Colombian drug trade. The question is, will Lopez be enough to replace Murphy as Pena's partner?

Michael Stahl-David will be an American agent named Chris Feistl, who has been given the mission of digging around the Colombian drug trade's movements. It is unclear if he will work alongside Pena in "Narcos" season 3 but his character is quite interesting.

Finally, there's Kerry Bish√©, who will portray the role of Christina. So far, she is the most intriguing character who has been tapped for "Narcos" season 3. She is married to a Colombian man who will later on be deeply involved with the drug trade. Christina, out of fear for her family's safety, will ask assistance from the U.S. Embassy. Will Christina be the reason for the Cali Cartel's fall?

"Narcos" season 3 is expected to premiere sometime mid-2017 on Netflix.

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