'NBA 2K17' roster, latest updates: 2K Games teases possible new feature for the Chinese New Year celebration

(Facebook/ NBA2K)"NBA 2K17" to have new features for the Chinese New Year

2K Games, Inc. is brewing something special for fans of the "NBA 2K17" video game in relation to the Chinese New Year celebration that will usher in the Year of the Rooster. Ronnie Singh, 2K marketer, recently updated his personal Twitter account with a very vague image that does not reveal much for curious and excited "NBA 2K17" fans.

Singh's Twitter post yesterday reveals a red image with the outline of a rooster and at the bottom of it is the "NBA 2K17" logo. Singh's description of the image further roused fans' curiosity when he wrote, "What does it mean?"

Varied speculations regarding Singh's Twitter post flooded several online discussion sites. Fans are eager to find out what 2K has up its sleeves. Some players of the video game suggest that legendary Chinese basketball player Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets might finally be added to the roster. On the other hand, Singh's post might simply mean the introduction of new uniforms bearing the rooster image.

Both speculations are considered highly probable by fans of the game. As they may recall, 2K was also generous enough to release holiday uniforms last year for all the 30 teams represented in the video game.

Meanwhile, 2K implemented a grand roster update this month for at least 400 players in the game. To name a few, the Atlanta Hawks received tweaks for its four players that include Paul Millsap (85 OVR; 1), Dennis Schroder (82 OVR; 1), Thabo Sefolosha (75 OVR; -1), and Kris Humphries (74 OVR; 1).

For Brooklyn Nets, 11 of its existing players received tweaks that include Jeremy Lin (78 OVR; 3), Trevor Booker (78 OVR; 2), and Sean Kilpatrick (76 OVR; -2), to name a few. Other players' tweaks include 6 from the Boston Celtics, 6 from Charlotte Hornets, 7 from Chicago Bulls, 4 from Cleveland Cavaliers, 10 from Dallas Mavericks, 7 from Denver Nuggets, 7 from Detroit Pistons, 7 from Golden State Warriors, 8 from Houston Rockets, 9 from Indiana Pacers, 6 from Los Angeles Clippers, 12 from Los Angeles Lakers, 8 from Memphis Grizzlies, 11 from Miami Heat, 6 from Milwaukee Bucks, and 7 from Minnesota Timberwolves.

Other teams that received updates for their respective players include 3 from New Orleans Pelicans, 5 from New York Knicks, 7 from Oklahoma City Thunder, 7 from Orlando Magic, 10 from Philadelphia 76ers, 5 from Phoenix Suns, 9 from Portland Trailblazers, 6 from San Antonio Spurs, 8 from Sacramento Kings, 7 from Toronto Raptors, 5 from Utah Jazz, and 6 from Washington Wizards.

"NBA 2K17" is available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 platforms.

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