NBA trade rumors: Is Hassan Whiteside really up for grabs?

(Reuters/ USA TODAY Sports)Hassan Whiteside of Miami Heat could be one of the trade pieces before the Feb. 23 deadline.

Having switcheroos here and there is a common scenario in the world of basketball. The only question is who's up for grabs and who's not. Currently, it looks like Miami Heat's center Hassan Whiteside is still up in the air, so what is it going to be?

According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, he mentioned on his podcast that almost everyone in the team is available for trades, and this includes Whiteside. Apparently, Miami Heat could be very much planning to revamp their whole gameplay, and part of it is to have a new roster of players in their arsenal.

There are reports, however, that contradict this. Other sources say that the towering player isn't up for grabs and is off the trade market. Whiteside said, "I never really pay attention to [trade rumors]. If I pay attention to it I wouldn't be back in the league. There's all kinds of rumors. A lot of people said a lot of things so I wouldn't get back in the league. So, I don't pay it no mind."

The contrasting information truly is confusing, which just adds more appeal to getting him. Besides, the publicity of getting him is more than one could bargain for. But if at the end of the day he becomes available, where is he prospectively going?

Apparently, it may be more complicated than expected. There are rumors circulating that Whiteside could possibly go to the Boston Celtics, well that is, if the Brooklyn Nets also join in the rather array of switches, reports say.

There are those players, however, whose fates have been sealed as officially unavailable for trade. New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis is staying with his team, according to reports. It appears he is already happy where he is currently.

Atlanta has also officially pulled Paul Milsap out of the trading market, so teams will have to make do with others that are up for the switcheroos. Hopefully, everyone settles before the deadline is up.

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