New Kellogg's pop tart commercial deemed inappropriate by one million moms

(Source: One Million Moms)

Kellogg's new peanut butter and jelly pop tart commercial has been deemed inappropriate by the nonprofit group One Million Moms. In a campaign statement released on their site, the group criticized the use of a double entendre in the commercial and called for its members to contact Kellogg's to request that they either cancel the commercial or remove the offending line.

The 15-second ad features an anthropomorphic family involving a peanut butter father, a jelly mother, and a newborn peanut butter and jelly pop tart baby. The mother remarks, "He so has your peanut butter", to which the father responds, "Well, he's got your jelly". A devious-looking nurse then enters and says, while hungrily staring at the tasty baby treat, "Time for a feeding", after which she licks her lips in anticipation. The parents are horrified and scream, "No! Ah, jam it!"

One Million Moms has honed in on the last line as being suggestive and describe the phrase as too similar to a curse word. They conclude by saying that the ad could have ended with the parents simply saying "No!" to express their dismay. The group has so far not levied any criticism upon the baby-pop-tart-eating nurse.

In addition to the Kellogg's campaign, One Million Moms has also railed against television programs such as Discovery's 'Naked and Afraid', a reality television program that features two naked humans (one man, one woman) who are left in a jungle with no food, clothing, and shelter. The pair must work together in order to survive. The group is criticizing the decision to air a program featuring lengthy amounts of nudity and termed it as a sexual exploitation of families.

Other recent campaign targets include the television shows '2 Broke Girls' and 'How to Get Away with Murder', and a Verizon "half-fast" commercial.


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