Nintendo NX release date: Delay in device's release due to VR component

(Facebook/Nintendo)Nintendo's upcoming console, Nintendo NX, is said to have a VR component.

Gamers looking forward to laying their hands on Nintendo NX may need to be a little more patient as, after it was speculated that the upcoming device would go into mass production in the second half of this year, the latest rumors say the newest console from Nintendo will not be launched earlier than in March next year.

According to Digitimes, the reason for the almost six months of delay of Nintendo's next-generation game console is that the company does not only want to improve Nintendo NX's fusion of video and handheld game experience but also add a virtual reality (VR) component, in order to give it an upper hand over its competitors.

The same sources told the technology website that as Nintendo NX is a fusion of console and mobile gaming experience, it will come with a screen size of between 5 and 7 inches, a controller, and a joystick, making it ideal for mobile gaming. In the event that a player wishes to use the console in a manner of the traditional console video gaming, Nintendo NX can be connected to a TV set.

If the claim of the sources saying that a virtual reality component is being incorporated to the upcoming Nintendo console is correct, then, it can be presumed that Nintendo refuses to be left behind by its most known competitor, PlayStation. After all, PlayStation is already a step ahead in that regard as Venture Beat reported that the upcoming PlayStation VR is slated for an October release this year and will carry a $500 price tag with it.

With the rumored inclusion of a VR component to Nintendo NX, fans can only wonder how Nintendo's version will impact the gaming industry. After all, according to an interview of Time with Nelson Gonzalez, Alienware's co-founder and former CEO, the next evolution of VR would be something where a gamer can participate physically in that virtual world.

"And not just sitting down; if you're a quarterback, you actually get to throw a football, and you can interface with the team. So that kind of stuff, it's there, it's going to happen," Gonzales said.

If Nintendo NX will be the first to introduce what is said about the future of VR, only time will tell.

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