'No Man's Sky' release nears as game gets soundtrack from 65daysofstatic band

(Steam / No Mans Sky)'No Man's Sky' game gets soundtrack from 65daysofstatic.

As the game "No Man's Sky" prepares for its release, more information about it has been hitting the Internet. Among the recent reveals is a soundtrack for the game that goes by the name "Supermoon."

Importantly, the game "No Man's Sky" is only set to release on June 21 of this year, but for the soundtrack, it is due to arrive a few days earlier on June 17. The soundtrack for the game has been developed by the band named 65daysofstatic. Reporting on the release of the soundtrack, Gamespot states that one song is already available for gamers to listen to and it is being offered by Soundcloud.

Gamers can also start pre-ordering the album for the game, which is titled "No Man's Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe," and is available on the website belonging to the band. Additionally, details about the soundtrack point toward it having 10 songs, but gamers will also have access to six soundscapes, which will in total equal about two hours of content. As for the soundscapes in the game, they have been created by the band 65daysofstatic to mimic some of what gamers will get to experience in the game.

However, as "No Man's Sky" is a procedurally generated game with over 18 quintillion planets for gamers to visit and explore, the soundtrack will never be able to extend to all of them. This is where the game's sound engine is going to kick in and generate ambient noise and other music that is based on raw sound that has been churned out by 65daysofstatic.

Meanwhile, as the details of the soundtrack have emerged, others have been pointing toward the staggered release date in Europe and have indicated that they are displeased by it. Finally, the track "Debutante," which accompanied the game's initial reveal in 2013, will not be included in the soundtrack.

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