'No Man's Sky' news: New PC patch includes NPC, item-specific fixes

(No Man's Sky website)A new PC patch is expected to be released soon for 'No Man's Sky'

Bugs are still present in the PC port of "No Man's Sky" and a new patch is aiming to get rid of the particularly annoying ones.

Developers outlined the contents of a new PC patch in a post over on Steam that will address several issues, including ones that could cause non-player characters to act weird inside the game.

Specifically, there were apparently instances during which the NPCs the players interacted with did not provide important mission details, which could be pretty annoying and also get in the way of players progressing further.

Developers also talked about another bug that could lead to core items ending up in the starship inventory as opposed to the exosuit inventory. This particular bug has been addressed so that it won't cause any more trouble, while those players who have dealt with this issue before can look forward to a cure being released soon.

The upcoming "No Man's Sky" patch will also address some issues that could suddenly lead the game to crash.

Other fixes and improvements are also included in the new patch.

An exact release date for the new PC patch has not been announced just yet, though it is expected to arrive soon.

For players who may have somehow missed it, developers also recently released the enormous "Foundation Update" for the game.

Among the additions included in the update are new game modes – Normal mode, Creative mode and Survival mode – that are meant to encourage different styles of play.

Freighters were also introduced in the "Foundation Update," and players who have been diligent with their Units will be able to purchase these useful additions.

Players can also expect to discover a more diverse array of planets inside the game.

More details regarding other new features that could be added to "No Man's Sky" should be made available soon.

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