Nokia Lumia 1020 camera function boosted with DXO Optics Pro software

Nokia Lumia 1020 has boosted its amazing camera with DXO Optics Pro. Lumia 1020's auto focus 41MP camera is capable of producing beautiful detailed photos and clear HD videos. With DXO Optics Pro, Nokia Lumia 1020 takes its camera to a higher level of imaging.

DXO Optics Pro version 9.1.5 is a multi-awarded image processing software from DXO Labs, a software firm based in France which applies corrections to optical aberrations and image distortion. DXO Optics Pro runs on Windows for Macintosh that automatically enhances image quality.

Unlike other digital photography softwares, DXO Optics Pro is designed for advance amateur and professional photographers. It is a must-have accessory for DSLRs. Here are its features:

  • Balances over- and under-exposed areas in the photo through the exclusive DxO Smart Lighting feature.
  • Restores the natural color and rediscover the right textures in the shots.
  • Has PRIME de-noising technology is designed to achieve unrivaled image quality even at high sensitivities.

Laboratory calibrations of the sensor and lens of Nokia Lumia 1020 indicate that Optics Pro 9 can perfectly work with this mobile device. The main reason is that the Lumia 1020 can shoot in RAW format.

While most cameras "process" pictures once they are taken - handling file compression, color correction, balancing, exposure and tint, professional photographers prefer the "unprocessed" RAW formatted pictures which are larger in size. That's what the Lumia 1020 is capable of producing and DXO Optics Pro can work with, well.

DXO Optics Pro version 9.1.5 is now available in DxO online store and at photo resellers. Prices are from $169.

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