'One Piece' Chapter 836 spoilers, predictions: Charlotte Linlin asks Sanji to offer his lifespan as proof of his willingness to be Whole Cake Island resident

(Manga Stream)It is said that "One Piece" chapter 836 will have Charlotte Linlin demanding to Sanji that he should offer his lifespan to prove that he really wants to be a resident of Whole Cake Island.

Evil intensifies in the upcoming chapter 836 of "One Piece" as spoilers and predictions claim that Big Mom will use her devil's fruit power, while Charlotte Linlin will demand that Sanji should give his lifespan in order to prove that he is willing to be a resident of Whole Cake Island.

Spoilers claim that Big Mom will explain that in the event that Sanji offers his lifespan, it is a way of recognizing his allegiance with her and that he is willing to reside in his would-be wife's kingdom.

Meanwhile, several characters have eaten Big Mom's Mira Mira no Mi devil fruit, which does not only result in the creation of their duplicates but also serves as a reflector. Hence, when Luffy meets Carot, Nami, and Chopper, it is inevitable for him to get confused after seeing the duplicates of the said characters.

On the other hand, the real Nami, Chopper, and Carot encounter Brulee. Carot is said to be the first victim of the villain as his attack on Brulee backfires at him as it is part of Brulee's power to make an attack on him backfire to his opponent.

After what has happened to Carot, Chopper tells Nami to look for Luffy as they badly need reinforcement.

Nami obliges to what Chopper has told him and looks for Luffy. However, as she runs, the trees come to life and start running after her. Luckily, she manages to escape them.

Later, Nami and Luffy encounter a giant in the Seducing Forest. An earlier report claimed that he is one of the sons of Big Mom, but it turns out that he is actually the husband of Big Mom.

After asking for apple juice, the giant tells them that the reason why the trees can move is because of Charlotte Linlin's devil fruit's ability.

How will the devil's fruit ability affect the events in "One Piece" chapter 836? Will Sanji cave in to the demand of Charlotte Linlin?

Find out when "One Piece" chapter 836 is released this month.

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