'One Piece' chapter 848 predictions, spoilers: Sanji escapes wedding; Luffy kills Big Mom?

(Facebook/onepieceofficial)"One Piece" chapter 848 may see Sanji finally escaping.

The upcoming chapter of "One Piece" may see Sanji finally escaping his wedding to Pudding. Elsewhere, it is believed that Luffy may finally defeat Big Mom once and for all.

Fans know that Sanji has been trapped in Big Mom's castle for quite some time now. He is being forced to marry Pudding, in order to secure Big Mom's alliance with the powerful Vinsmoke family of which Sanji is a part. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are doing their best to make sure Sanji's wedding does not push through. At the same time, they are also after Big Mom's Road Poneglyph.

The previous chapter depicted Brook initiating a concert in order to distract Big Mom's soldiers, while Pedro attempts to steal the Road Poneglyph. It remains to be seen, though, if they are going to be successful in their pursuit, but there is talk of chapter 848 finally resolving that.

It has been predicted that the upcoming chapter might see Sanji trying to escape from the ceremony. Luffy and Nami are on their way to rescue Sanji, but it is believed that Sanji may have something up his sleeve in order to save himself. It is unknown what Sanji's breakout plan is, but fans are surely hoping that he gets out of Whole Cake Island.

Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot still can't find their way out of Brulee's mirror world. They have been all over the place, but they are unable to locate the exit as of yet. It has been speculated, though, that Chopper may transform into a big beast that will finally help the two flee from Brulee.

Finally, Luffy and Nami are in Big Mom's prison. The two have been through a lot in their mission to rescue Sanji. However, there is some talk of Luffy finally killing Big Mom.

Seeing as these have not been confirmed yet, fans should take this news with a grain of salt for now.

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