'One Piece: Thousand Storm' features, latest updates: Pre-registration now ongoing for U.S.-based players

(Facebook/ OnePieceOfficial)"One Piece: Thousand Storm" pre-registration now ongoing

Pre-registration for players based in North America is now ongoing for Bandai Namco's "One Piece: Thousand Storm" before the new video game goes live in the United States. At present, "One Piece" is already playable in Japan, but its English version has yet to be released. Pre-registering before the official release date of the game will give players exclusive rewards.

Currently, the "One Piece: Thousand Storm" in Japan is in its 1.9.3 version and it is hoped that the same version in English will be made available for players in the United States. Some fans of the "One Piece" franchise are opting to wait for the English version of the game to avoid future hassles that may be brought about by a non-English game, according to sources.

Several reports reveal that if pre-registrants reach 50,000, rewards will include three berry cards and five rainbow coins. Once the pre-registrants reach 100,000, rewards will include three Trafalgar Law medals and five rainbow coins. The rewards will also potentially go up once pre-registrants go beyond 100,000 and they will be revealed as the pre-registration progresses. The pre-registration promo is a win-win situation for both the players and the game developer as the game will generate more interest and support, while players enjoy their freebies.

It is said that the upcoming video game will include the "two-year time skip" and "new world" features of the "One Piece" crew. This means that Monkey D. Luffy, the game's main protagonist, will carry his "Game Fourth" move. It is believed that Doflamingo will also be part of the new game.

Meanwhile, recent updates regarding the video game suggest that Bandai Namco has declared a limitation for those who will be using iOS and Android devices in order to play it. Players will get to trail Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates as they battle against their enemies using the touch controls to execute blasting skills, assault, guard, and sidestep.

The portable version of the "One Piece" 3D is a free application that can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store.

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