OnePlus Android L 5.0 update: OnePlus gives away free OnePlus One devices following failed update deadline


Last week, OnePlus One announced via a forum post that the much anticipated Android 5.0 Lollipop update was to be available on or before March 30 while the Lollipop-based ROM would be available for download on or before March 27. Should the company fail to meet those deadlines, a select group of forum posters would receive free OnePlus One devices as a show of the company's commitment to quality.

As the deadline for the ROM download passed, the company's Head of Mobile Product posted an update that the ROM would be delayed due to quality control issues. While the ROM was deemed fully functional, the company wanted to ensure that the device passes all applicable Google certifications and that all future updates would be done properly in the language of the user's choice.

Following up on their promise, the company issued five free OnePlus One devices as reported in this forum post. Updates continue to be deployed and a final build is close to being certified.

The Android update originally ran in to delays following unforeseen issues. One such issue was an OS signing issue that is now marked as resolved. Other issues included stability issues on the camera module and a need to update several drivers, particularly the wi-fi drivers. OnePlus has repeatedly maintained that quality is one of their primary concerns and would not release an unrefined product or update.

OnePlus released a statement, as reported in this article at Know Your Mobile, on their philosophy when it comes to quality: "We know it has taken some time to get here. But it is important for us to do things right rather than do them fast. We took time to build a network that could support the extra logistics and needs of users before making this next step."

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