'Orange Is the New Black' season 5 rumors: Lori Petty's Lolly character to return despite having been sent to psych ward last season

(Facebook/Orange is the New Black)It is said that Lolly will still be a part of "Orange Is the New Black" season 5, despite being not in Litchfield prison.

Although Lolly (Lori Petty) was sent out of the Litchfield prison in the previous season of "Orange Is the New Black," it is said that fans can expect the character to be still a part of the show when the Netflix series returns for its season 5 mid this year.

According to the latest reports, it was no less than Petty herself who expressed with certainty that her character will still be part of "Orange Is the New Black" season 5, despite the fact that Lolly was evicted from the prison and brought to the psych ward in "Orange Is the New Black" season 4.

To recall, Lolly killed the assassin who was hired to kill Alex (Laura Prepon) in the series' previous season. Bothered that she had killed someone whose body was eventually buried by Alex, Lolly kept murmuring about the incident. Eventually, the prison guards discovered that what she had been talking about was true after all. Hence, the character was sent to the psych ward.

While it is said that characters who are sent out of Litchfield prison never find their way back, it is speculated that the same thing cannot be said about Petty's Lolly character. In fact, the actress has earlier envisioned how the show would possibly follow her character in "Orange Is the New Black" season 5.

"Here's what I assume — and this is because it's all about me, right? — we go into psych and Mr. Healy was there and I'm screaming and crying. I did some looping and I saw it and it looked great. Then I realize that they built a huge hallway with rooms and a whole set. So I'm thinking it's going to be: 'Psych!' Starring Lori Petty! (laughs) I just assumed they'd go to psych, like they go to the SHU. But I'm just making stuff up right now because I don't know. But I saw the set and that's what I thought," Petty said in an interview last year.

Is Lolly really returning to "Orange Is the New Black" season 5? Will the series follow her life in the psychiatric ward?

Find out when "Orange Is the New Black" becomes available for streaming on Netflix middle of this year.

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