'Outlander' season 2 news: Lotte Verbeek to return as Geillis Duncan, lands role in Marvel's 'Agent Carter'

(Outlander/Official Facebook)

2016 is a big year for Dutch actress Lotte Verbeek as she will not only be reprising her role as Geillis Duncan in the second season of "Outlander," she has also joined the cast of the hit Marvel show "Agent Carter." 

Last June, "Outlander" showrunner Ronald Moore talked about the series' upcoming season 2. According to Zap2It, viewers can expect to see Geillis Duncan making an appearance when the show returns, but as to what will happen then, that is still a big secret as Moore would not reveal anything past that. 

Fans might be wondering what exactly will happen to Verbeek's character or how she will return, given that in the season 1 episode titled "The Devil's Mark," she was taken away to be burned at the stake. As noted on Entertainment Weekly, however, viewers didn't actually get to see her death scene, and no one really know for certain if she really did die during that episode. Moore gave an insight on this matter and stressed that this is a very difficult question to answer.

Moore then said, "Fans of the book know what happens all too well, and I'd like to preserve that for the fans that have not read the book." 

It looks like fans of the show will just have to watch "Outlander" season 2 to find out more about Geillis' future — or past— in this time-traveling series.

Meanwhile, on more recent news, fans of Verbeek will get to have the chance to see more of the actress as Deadline recently reported that she has now been included in the regular cast of "Agent Carter" season 2. As for the role she will be playing, according to the source, Verbeek is set to portray the free-spirited Ana Jarvis, the wife of Edwin Jarvis (James D'Archy). 

Both shows, "Outlander" and "Agent Carter," are set to premiere their second seasons sometime next year. 

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