'Outlander' season 3 news, spoilers, rumors: Jamie cuts his hair for a change?

(Facebook/OutlanderTVSeries.starz)How huge of a change did the Battle of Culloden instill in Jamie? Find out when "Outlander" season three premieres 2017 on Starz

There will be a whole lot of changes when "Outlander" season three premieres, and one of these may be Jamie deciding to give up his beautiful ginger curls.

Rumor has it that Sam Heughan's Jamie will be seen with shorter hair when the series returns next year. This could be due to the changes that he went through during and after the Battle of Culloden. War changes a man, and in Jamie's case, he might want to forget all the struggles he has been through by first changing his looks.

Aside from Jamie's physical turning point, he also might change personality-wise, making it harder for him and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) to reconnect once the latter returns to the olden times to see how Jamie fared after the war.

Change is the biggest word in "Outlander" season three that fans will come to understand, and all of the turning points in Jamie's life are expected to be detailed in the upcoming episodes. Will his feelings for Claire change as well or will his love remain through the years?

As for Claire, it is clear that she still has feelings for Jamie despite the 20-year-long separation from the man she fought battles with. Though her life in the 20th century may be depicted as well, most of her excursions in "Outlander" season three may focus on her search for Jamie.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter revealed earlier this month that César Domboy will be playing the role of the grown-up Fergus when the historical drama returns.

For starters, Fergus is the young pickpocket boy who got adopted by Claire and Jamie in the previous installment, and in the upcoming season, he will be a young adult who is described as a romantic and one who easily falls in and out of love.

Just how huge of an impact he will play in Jamie's life after the battle will be detailed, considering that he is still a member of the Fraser brood and his devotion and loyalty to the person who adopted him will remain strong through the years.

Starz has yet to announce an official premiere date for "Outlander" season three but the new episodes are expected to start airing sometime early 2017.

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