'Overwatch' event news: Drop rates in loot boxes seen; new policy banning hackers effective today

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Millions of "Overwatch" players were allegedly disappointed by the low chances of getting new items from loot boxes during the title's Lunar New Year event. This has sparked speculations that the drop rate for the unique skins has intentionally been lowered.

Most players of "Overwatch" are fond of joining events as it is their chance to get desirable items from loot boxes. However, the previous New Year event reportedly did not give any new skins to some gamers.

Jeff Kaplan was quick to answer the issue and stated that no changes for the loot boxes were applied. He further said that the rate has always been similar with other events like the Summer Games, Halloween Terror and Winter Wonderland. Therefore, if the players were not able to get the skin that they want, then they may simply have not been lucky enough.

On the other hand, some players noticed that the quality of the items they found from the loot boxes were not the same as the previous ones. It was in Winter Wonderland when Mei's skin was talked about for not being an item worthy of being called Legendary. Kaplan has apologized for the incident and said that they will consider the feedback.

Meanwhile, "Overwatch" developer Blizzard has announced a new policy that would take effect on Feb. 17. The policy has been changed in order to cease hackers from penetrating the game. The incident has happened in Korea, where hackers were discovered to have ruined the game.

Blizzard reportedly found out that hackers in the country use third-party programs in internet cafes. There were about 20,000 players in the area that were banned from the game. Players in Korea now have to show valid licenses before accessing the game.

"This approach will help us ensure we're providing the best possible game experience for our community, while at the same time allowing us to address any unintended side-effects that occurred from allowing non-Korean Battle.net accounts without game licenses to access Korean IGR services," Blizzard stated on their blog forum.


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