'Paper Mario: Color Splash' gameplay and tips: How to defeat Iggy in the Golden Coliseum

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The Nintendo Wii U title "Paper Mario: Color Splash" has been released recently and it has received good reception. There are some tips on how to be familiar with the battle system of the game, along with several hints on how to defeat Iggy in the Coliseum like a champ.

There are different ways in defeating enemies in "Paper Mario: Color Splash" and one of them is by executing a jump attack. The element that players need to consider in this kind of attack is timing. This attack can be done by jumping towards the enemy, and once Mario is about to land on the opponent's head, the A button should be pressed. This will cause some damage towards the opponent.

Another type of attack is done with the use of hammer-based cards and it also requires great timing. Once the hammer cards are used, a blue foil-paper will appear above the hammer since it will start charging. It will turn into an orange foil-paper once it's full and this will be the perfect time for the A button to be pressed. It will unleash a great amount of strength and damage towards Mario's opponents. It may be challenging at first, but when in doubt, the hammer should be swung before it turns orange.

Furthermore, the Golden Coliseum is one of the challenging obstacles that a player will encounter within the game and Mario will also have to face a boss named Iggy. Once the main character enters the stage, there will be tons of enemies, and what the gamer should do is find a Super Star that is hidden behind the boxes. This will allow Mario to just go straight towards the opponents in order to deal with Iggy. Once the boss has been almost beaten, Iggy will summon more minions, and this is the time that the player should retreat.

The next step is to go to Marmalade Valley in order to acquire the Bone Thing Card, but it has been stolen. It seems that the thieves can be found in the Coliseum so Mario should go back there to get it. Once he defeats the thieves, it's time to face Iggy once again with his minions. After that, the Bone Card should be utilized in order to defeat the boss and the remaining enemies.

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