'Paragon' news, updates: Melee Carry Serath takes center stage

("Paragon" official website)Serath is a melee carry hero in the multiplayer online battle arena "Paragon."

The world of multiplayer online battle arena is a fast-paced turf, with the players quickly losing interest in the snap of a finger. This is exactly why Epic Games sees to it that it introduces a new hero every three weeks, and this week, Serath is born.

Serath is characterized as a melee carry hero who has a unique split personality. Her main form is her angelic guise, but her devastating dark side is one that is fearsome and not to be messed with. Her vast arsenal of moves does exactly what they are meant to do in battle, but in a strategist's hands, the possibilities are limitless.

The overview trailer for her character illustrates how flexible her techniques are, whereas a damaging move is also something that can be used in other situations.

Her first move, Ascend, allows her to rise in the air and swiftly swoop down for damage. It can be used to target fleeing enemies, evade incoming attacks, and also reach higher ground.

Chastise, on the other hand, is Serath's close range melee attack, wherein she slows the enemy down while incurring damage. The strategy for this move goes both ways, whether to overwhelm an enemy or steer clear of a dangerous foe.

Heaven's Fury is a rather interesting move as it targets multiple enemies within range. While using the skill, Serath is also rendered invulnerable to any type of damage, making it deadly and efficient when timed right.

Her ultimate, Heresy, transforms her into her dark side, engulfing enemies around her in flames. Burnt enemies deal less damage, and her basic attacks will further fan the flames, causing more damage.

She definitely sounds like she's on a tier of her own, but one can expect that she may be squishy to make up for her flexible skills and devastating moveset. Nonetheless, this will be key in strategizing in battle.

Immediately after her release, fans of the game have been raving about how good she is, and that her character is a surprising addition to the melee carry pedigree.

A new character is expected to be introduced once more on Jan. 31, staying true to "Paragon's" three-week surprise. "Paragon" is playable on PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

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