'Person of Interest' season 4 spoilers: Root and Reese hunt for Shaw in episode 13

(CBS/Official Facebook page)

"Person Of Interest" (POI) is perhaps the only show that represents the perfect marriage between crime and science fiction. The critically-acclaimed drama has quickly won a loyal viewership and accolades for its suspense-filled storyline. Each episode leaves the audience spell-bound and waiting for the next one to answer questions that the previous episode posed.

The show returns from its hiatus with episode 13 titled "M.I.A". In this episode, Root (Amy Acker) and Reese (Jim Caviezel) will hunt down anyone who has information of the whereabouts of Shaw (Sarah Shahi). CrossMap reports that the two will face two explosions and other situations in order to find Shaw. Root will try her torture tactics on another lady, as is seen in the promotional clip released by CBS network.

In fact, Reese and Root will travel to a small town in upstate New York in order to find Shaw, reports Hollywood Hills. Things don't seem great in the small town as their hunt continues. Additionally, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) will team up with a former POI.

However, fans should brace themselves for the news that Shaw will be exiting the show this season. According to an interview that Nolan and Greg Plageman, the series' showrunners, gave TVLine, Sarah will be exiting the show as she is pregnant with twins. Nolan said that this posed as a fantastic opportunity to introduce a plot twist in the show. He said, "We knew we were going to kill a character off this season, and had started soliciting bribes from the actors... but Sarah was willing to take one for the team", he added while laughing. Nolan emphasized that they want to be a show that does not stagnate, hence, killing a character made a lot of sense. Plageman said that Shaw's disappearance is a great suspense angle, saying "We like to keep people guessing".

Episode 13 "M.I.A" will premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 at 9 p.m. central time on CBS.

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