'Person of Interest' season 5 spoilers: Finch and Reese save the Machine

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"Person of Interest" season 5 to showcase a lot of milestones

Five more days until the fifth and last season premiere of "Person of Interest." While waiting for the first episode, fans can expect Shaw's return, but her team is concerned with her mental state. Also, Reese and Minch open the season saving the Machine's source code.

It has been revealed that Shaw will make a comeback this season. However, she might not be the same old operative that everyone knows. Finch and Reese are worried that Shaw's stay with the Samaritans will only make her as a liability rather than an asset. When she comes back, everyone will notice her odd behavior that alarms everybody.

CBS revealed that Shaw manages to escape from her captors. However, her return only made the team unsure of her mental state when she starts to get paranoid and reckless.

"[They're] trying to sort out where Shaw's head is at," executive producer Greg Plageman told TV Insider. "Whether or not she's been brainwashed or reprogrammed in some way. And where her allegiance now lies...Shaw was always damaged in her own endearing sociopathic way, but she was our sociopath. Now it's not so clear."

Executive producer Denis Thé also shared with TV Line that season 5 will showcase a lot of milestones. She also expressed how fun it is to write about the ladies and their deeper relationship and emotion.

After a one-year hiatus on the small screens, the upcoming season 5 episode 1, titled "B.S.O.D.," will show Reese and Finch back in action.

Despite the deteriorating state of the Machine after the Samaritan's attacks, Reese and Finch's priorirty is to keep it working in order to save its source code. Fusco, on the other hand, has to do his best to make it through the end of the last season alive.

"Person of Interest" season 5 premieres on May 3, Tuesday, at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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