'Persona 5' release date, updates: Gameplay details, 18 minutes of footage, storage requirements

(Persona 5 official web site)'Persona 5' is set to be released in North America on Feb. 14

"Persona 5" is slated to release next month in Japan, and as the month draws closer, more details about the game have surfaced.

Details about the upcoming game's Personas and Mementos Dungeons have been revealed on the Weekly Famitsu's latest issue (via Gematsu). The Mementos Dungeon appears to be a random dungeon capable of changing its appearance each time a player enters it. A player should undertake quests to reform the Shadows that hide within the dungeons.

A player's Personas also accumulate XP bonuses, the amount of which varies according to the level of Cooperation Characters. It was also tipped that once a Persona has acquired more skills, these will likely be carried over when a Persona fusion is necessary. A player can also choose which skills will be part of the fusion.

N4BB also delivered new bits of information about the game's requirements. Citing @dolly_silent from Twitter, the publication shared that "Persona 5" will need at least 20 GB of disk space from PlayStation 4 for it to be installed successfully. The PS3 version, on the other hand, has lower storage requirements at 4.6 GB of hard disk space to allow proper installation. The game can also reach a resolution of 720p in the earlier gaming console.

It won't be a long wait before "Persona 5" becomes available in PS3 and PS4 – at least not for players in Japan. The game is slated to release on Sept. 15 in Japan, while North American and European gamers will need to wait for Valentine's Day next year for the release. While waiting though, North American and European fans can just feast on the 18 minutes of gameplay footage of "Persona 5," courtesy of Gematsu.

The game is featured in Japanese language but it should already be a treat for hardcore "Persona 5" fans as there will be 18 minutes of opportunity to discover secrets within the game.

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