'Persona 5' release date, latest news and details: Voice actors for English version unveiled

(Screenshot/Persona 5 Official Site)Person 5 was launched in the Japanese market on Sept. 15.

"Persona 5" may have already been launched in Japan, but the developers are still getting ready for its Western release. The voice cast for the English version of the upcoming game has been revealed and it appears that some of the actors are already experienced.

According to Gematsu, the main protagonist of the latest installment will be voiced by Xander Mobus while Cassandra Morris will give life to the game's pseudo mascot, Morgana. As for the other characters, Ryuji Sakamoto and Ann Takamaki will be voiced by Max Mittelman and Erika Harlacher respectively. Meanwhile, Matt Mercer will lend his voice for Yusuke Kitagawa and Cherami Leigh will take the role of Makoto Niijima. The rest of the voice actors involved in the sequel are Erica Lindbeck, Xanthe Huynh and Robbie Daymond.

It was mentioned in a report from Gamespot that most of the voice actors will be familiar to fans of video games and anime. Xander Mobus was actually the iconic voice of the announcer in "Super Smash Bros." for the Wii U console. Robbie Daymond is known to have lent his voice to characters such as Tuxedo Mask in "Sailor Moon Crystal" and McCree for "Overwatch."

Some fans may also be familiar with Cassandra Morris since she gave life to the character named Leafa in the English dub of "Sword Art Online." Sailor Moon Venus from "Sailor Moon Crystal" was voiced by Cherami Leigh while Erica Lindbeck played Jericho in "The Seven Deadly Sins." As for Erika Harlacher, she was the voice actor for Asseylum Vers Allusia in "Aldnoah Zero" and Sadira in "Killer Instinct." 

The popular Saitama from "One Punch Man" was actually voiced by Max Mittleman in the English version of the anime. As for Xanthe Huynh, she was the voice actor for Fuyumi Yanagi in "Blood Lad."

"Persona 5" already came out in Japan recently, but the Western release is anticipated to be on Feb. 14, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

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