'Playstation Now Beta' opens up to public on PS4, introducing PS3 games, no final release date yet

(Credit: SONY / PlayStation Now)

For those who didn't get the chance to be part of Sony's exclusive video game streaming service, 'PlayStation Now,' the Beta is now open for all, although currently limited to PS4 and PS3 games, as players await its final release date.

Now entering Open Beta status, PlayStation Now is a new video game streaming service designed to deliver all the freshest downloadable gaming content over the web and straight to owners of PlayStation devices such as PS4.

For now, the service is exclusive for PS4 consoles while PS3 games are also possible to play, as long as you own a PS4.

As previously confirmed by Sony, PlayStation Now will accommodate PS3, Vita handheld, and the PlayStation TV micro-console in the future.

Sony still has not confirmed whether it eventually intends to include classic PS or PS2 titles in the PlayStation Now gaming catalog.

Currently, around 100 PlayStation Now games may be rented over the PlayStation Store in periods of 4 hours, 7 days, 30 days, up to as long as 90-days. For a 4-hour game rental, the price starts at $2.99, while a 7-day rental begins at $5.99.

A 30-day game rental is priced at $7.99 while 90 days costs $14.99. Prices may change in the future with a $1.99 tier to be added depending on PlayStation Now's success. Sony is also considering to introduce a subscription plan in the future.

Jack Buser, Senior Director for PlayStation Now, confirmed these possible options in a blog post on the PS official blog:

"We heard you loud and clear… we are working on it," Buser writes.

The PlayStation Now Beta was launched on 31st July in North America, with no final release date currently announced.

Across the (gaming) pond, EA announced a video gaming subscription model exclusive for the Xbox One.

EA's Access allows gamers to stream games starting at $4.99 per month or $29.99, annually.

Xbox's new service allows gamers to stream titles such as Battlefield 4, Madden NFL 25, and the recent FIFA 14.

When asked whether Sony intends to introduce a similar model, the gaming giant replied, through Game Informer, that such a service would not be preferential to PS users.

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