PlayStation VR vs. HoloLens: Game availability and pricing may make all the difference

(Official PlayStation Twitter (@PlayStation))The Sony PlayStation VR, formerly Project Morpheus

Soon, it's not just going to be a battle of videogame consoles — it will also be a battle between virtual reality devices. Sony and Microsoft are starting off that battle this early with their own VR glasses.

Sony just renamed its virtual reality headset from Project Morpheus to PlayStation VR, following the branding of its popular videogame console. With Microsoft putting up various press releases for its much talked about HoloLens, which has yet to pin a release date, people are already pitting the two devices against each other. So which one comes out as a clear winner?

It depends, really. And that's mostly on what type of virtual reality device one is looking for.

Microsoft's HoloLens seems to have an edge, given that it is not just a "lens" by which one can look at virtual reality content. It is, as the Redmond-based company puts it, a computer on its own. It creates an augmented reality experience rather than just a virtual reality screen. With that, many have pinned the potential of the HoloLens, from NASA use to medicine to, of course, gaming. Several virtual reality games, like "Minecraft" and "Disney Infinity," have been named as release titles for the said VR device.

But if anyone knows the gaming landscape, Sony may be it. And many have said that if VR takes off, it will most likely be because of the wide selection of games available. If the preview for the PlayStation VR is any indication, it seems that Sony is also working double-time to ensure that a lot of games will be compatible with it. One of the rumored games for Sony's VR device is the MMORPG, "Final Fantasy XIV." More details is set to be revealed during this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Perhaps another point of contention between the two is pricing. Both have no definite price tags yet but rumors have it that Microsoft's offering will be priced significantly more than a videogame console, which is already tagged between $300 to $500.

So if both devices are already out in the market, which one should you get? There's no clear winner yet, to be honest. Specifications for both have yet to be finalized and that just may change one's preference over the other.

More details on each device will be posted as soon as they become available.

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