'Pokémon GO' Gen 2 updates, news: New updated xpected to be out anytime today or tomorrow, Feb. 18

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Hit mobile augmented-reality game "Pokémon GO" has just received a new update and it can now be experienced by players. However, this does not include the anticipated "Gen 2" expansion.

Niantic has just released the new "Pokémon GO" update with a new gameplay that fans will surely enjoy. The company also revealed that 80 new Pokémon will soon be available for Gen 2, which will be released in a couple of days.

"When you encounter Pokémon in the wild, don't be surprised if they react in new ways as you're trying to catch them," Niantic wrote. "You'll also notice the addition of new item carousels that allow you to select Berries and Poké Balls directly from the encounter screen. Hone your skills and catch those elusive Pokémon," the statement read.

Aside from the new gameplay, an evolution button is also included in the update. The button sparks interest among players as it hints what Pocket Monster a character can be transformed into.

Other exciting features include New Evolutions to provide more ways for players to evolve their Pokémon, new berries to make catching easer, new avatars and an expanded wardrobe.

As for the much awaited Gen 2 expansion, it is expected that it will be released anytime today or on the 18th. Those who want to grab the expansion right away can do several tricks to prep their game.

It is reportedly good to save the Poke Balls and other items as it can be used to earn better items, according to Forbes.

Also, it is best to save some candy as there may be new evolutions that would greatly require them. Due to this, the publication hinted at several Pokemon that should be looked into in advance before Gen 2 arrives. These include Zubat, which evolves into Crobat, Poliway which evolves into Politoed, and Horsea which evolves to Kingdra, among others.

Other useful tips include hatching the current eggs and freeing storage space.

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