'Pokemon GO' Grimer bug: Niantic reportedly working to fix the issue

(Pokemon Go)A patch for Grimer bug on "Pokemon GO" is expected to come out soon.

The hype and popularity of "Pokemon GO" continue to soar, now that the game is available in more countries across the globe. However, just like any other games, the creation by Niantic Labs is also facing numerous issues. The newest issue is the bug called "Grimer."

The gameplay of "Pokemon" relies heavily on catching pokemons, training them, and making them evolve. Grimer is one of the characters available for catching. However, several gamers are facing issues regarding the character when they attempt to catch or evolve it.

According to reports, Grimer has a bug that may be caused by its animation. Most players who have issues with Grimer are the ones who play the game on smartphones with less than 2 GB of RAM. Although the issue does not apply to the rest of the players, it affects some phone models and certain types of operating system. When your game gets bugged, the phone freezes and players will have to resort to moving to another space to put the game and the phone back to normal.

Apparently, the bug is not caused by the model or the OS of the phone but more likely on the lack of RAM. According to reports, those who use a phone with not more than 2 GB of RAM are most likely only the ones who will be having Grimer bug.

There is still no solution for this bug. The only available and temporary measure players can do in order not to get stuck with the glitch is to restart the phone. Niantic is reportedly finding a solution for this problem. However, this is not the only issue that the game developer is facing. It is also working on addressing other issues that some players are complaining about.

With the overwhelming success of "Pokemon GO," more players are getting on the trend and it is inevitable that more issues will arise. However, a patch for Grimer is expected to come out soon.

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