'Pokemon Go' new features: Still no date set for when coveted tracking tool may be added

(YouTube courtesy of Pokemon Go)Many 'Pokemon Go' players still waiting for the release of an updated in-game tracker

No "Pokemon Go" feature may be as highly sought-after by players as much as just a simple and functional tracking tool that could finally make Pokemon hunts easier for them, but unfortunately, it seems that the game's developers are still not ready to introduce this particular feature.

Speaking recently to Polygon, a Niantic representative shared that an updated tracking tool for the game is still currently in testing and geo-locked to San Francisco.

Now, the tracker already being in testing may be a sign that the feature could be coming sooner rather than later, but if that is indeed the case, Niantic is not hinting at that just yet.

The representative added that, for now at least, "there is no estimated timeline" for when the tracker may be made accessible to more players.

That there is still no release window even set for the new tracker's arrival has to be frustrating for numerous "Pokemon Go" players, particularly because they have had to deal with this for a while now.

As Pokemon Go Hub noted in a recent report, players have been left to play the game without an official tracker for nearly three months now and what could add even more to their frustration is that it's still unclear if the new feature is any closer to being ready.

A functioning tracker is obviously crucial to enjoying the game, as it could help give players a sense that they really are working towards something, as opposed to the notion that they may just be wandering around aimlessly.

Flashier features such as trading, PvP and even additional Pokemon may lure players back to the game, but a good tracker is what could keep them around and also maintain the current player base.

For now, only the folks over at Niantic really know what is going on with the tracker, and "Pokemon Go" players will just have to wait and see how things play out.

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