'Pokémon Go' news: Rumored Christmas event may bring appearance spikes for several Pokémon

(YouTube courtesy of Pokémon Go)A Christmas-themed event is rumored to take place soon inside 'Pokémon Go'

"Pokémon Go" players have already been able to participate in some special events this year, and there may be one more coming before the calendar turns to 2017.

Unsurprisingly, the next in-game event is rumored to be focused on Christmas.

Christmas day is one for giving and sharing, and developers are reportedly planning to show off their holiday spirit by being more generous with items and Pokémon inside the augmented reality game.

According to a recent report from Slashgear, different Pokémon including Snorlax, Staryu and Starme may appear more frequently, thanks to a possible Christmas-themed event.

Presumably, Staryu and Starme fit into the holiday theme because of their resemblance to what typically sits atop the Christmas tree, while the big belly sported by Snorlax makes this particular Pokémon somewhat reminiscent of Santa Claus himself.

The website also speculated that developers may reduce the required walking distance needed for Buddy Pokémon during this winter season so as to help trainers stay comfortable even while playing.

Aside from possible Pokémon spawn increases and common sense gameplay tweaks, the rumored Christmas event coming to "Pokémon Go" is also expected to bring presents.

The dedicated fans over at Pokémon Go Hub recently speculated about what kind of Christmas event could be held and they think that presents are in order.

Those presents would come in the form of increased item drops. The trainer's appearance in-game may also change over the course of the holiday event.

Lastly, Pokémon Go Hub predicted that the holiday-themed event will get started on Dec. 11 and wraps up two weeks later on Christmas day.

For now, the developers over at Niantic have still yet to divulge their December plans, but players should hear about those pretty soon. If recent rumors and predictions are correct, that time of the year may become a really fun one for "Pokémon Go" players.

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